Czech Republic to Sell Fighter Jets to Iraq

The Czech Republic might sell up to 25 Aero L-159 ALCA (Advanced Light Combat Aircraft) subsonic fighter aircraft to Iraq, according to Prague Monitor.

The deal requires approval from the U.S., which supplied avionic equipment to the planes. According to some information, Czech Foreign Minister Karel Schwarzenberg discussed the issue on his visit to the USA recently.

"The Czech Republic has for a long time been trying to sell its [redundant] L-159s on the foreign market. It is a quality aircraft with a broad training and combat potential. Apart from the Czech military, it could definitely prove itself elsewhere in the world. I can confirm that one of the countries that are interested in L-159s is Iraq," Jan Pejsek, head of the Defence Ministry's press department, as is quoted as saying.

Aero L-159 ALCA (Advanced Light Combat Aircraft) is a light combat plane primarily designed for attacks on ground targets and for direct support of ground units.

It can also be used for aerial reconnaissance and combat.

(Source: Prague Monitor)

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