Tourism Opportunities in Kurdistan

The Kurdistan Regional Government has requested declarations of interest from companies wishing to participate in tourism projects in the Dukan region (pictured).

The following is the un-edited text of their announcement:

Declaration to all investment companies, local and foreign businesses:

Within the ongoing efforts of the Kurdistan Regional Government and direct supervision of the Directorate General of Investment in Sulaymaniyah, a set of tourist land in Dukan district erased & allocated as preparation for the establishment of tourism projects in order to participate in the development tourism sector in the region and work to attract tourists from inside and outside the region.

The Directorate General of investment in Sulaymaniyah with relevant parties has allocated the lands, which are in different areas in Dukan district for the purpose of constructing several tourism projects.

The investors, businesses and tourist companies who have interest to set up tourism projects in the district of Dukan to submit their applications within fifteen (15) days from the date of publication of this notice in the official newspapers, which begins on 28/10/2010 by a formal letter submitted to the Directorate General of Investment in Sulaymaniyah. The Directorate considers the applications submitted for approval, the following applications and documents should be provided and taken into account as criteria in determining the investors:

1- A hardbound profile of the company and its business reputation

2- Previous or similar projects

3- Certificates supplied by specialized international companies in the

Field of tourism

4- Financial report on the company

For more information, please contact:

Director-General of Investment in Sulaymaniyah,

Mr. Farman Gharib Saed

Director General of Investment in Sulaymaniyah

Mobile Number: +9647701570577

E-mail: [email protected]

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