KRG Bids Farewell to British Consul General and UN Diplomat

The Kurdistan Regional Government’s Department of Foreign Relations held a farewell reception for Mr Jeremy Macadie, Consul General of the United Kingdom, and Ms Moraig Henderson, Head of the Erbil Office of the United Nations Assistance Mission to Iraq.

Minister Falah Mustafa Bakir, the Head of the Department of Foreign Relations (DFR), said, “I would like to thank Jeremy and Moraig for their hard work and dedication. Both have made substantive contributions to the Kurdistan Region, playing an important role in strengthening ties with our people and our government.”

He added, “We look forward to continued engagement from the United Nations and its agencies, and we hope that the British will upgrade their Embassy Office to a full Consulate General in the near future.”

Diplomats, UN officials, and members of civil society attended the reception, as did a number of Kurdistan Regional Government (KRG) ministers, the President’s Chief of Staff, and the KRG Representative to the United Kingdom.

Mr Macadie and Ms Henderson praised the KRG and the people of the Kurdistan Region for facilitating their work. Mr Macadie said, “We have all enjoyed our relationship with KRG officials and the citizens here. The best part of being a diplomat is the people one meets – the worst part is the friends we must leave. I will remember many occasions throughout this land with great affection, and I will depart with wonderful memories.”

Ms Henderson said, “I would like to thank the KRG for such good cooperation from our counterparts. They have truly facilitated our work every step of the way. I would like to thank the entire UN team, as well.”

She added, “I have found that the Kurdish people have been extremely warm and welcoming – and I will remember this as one of the very best postings I have ever had. For us, it has been a dream situation, and I will always be a friend of the Kurdish people.”

The KRG hosts 17 diplomatic representations, which will soon expand to 19 when Egypt and Jordan open their consulates in the coming months. The KRG has promoted an open-door policy with the international community which has resulted in an increased diplomatic presence in Erbil.

Mr Macadie and Ms Henderson received plaques and letters of appreciation and were outfitted with traditional Kurdish clothing for the occasion. Minister Bakir and other KRG officials welcomed Mr Macadie’s successor, Mr. Chris Bowers, who will lead Britain’s Embassy Office in Erbil.

(Source: KRG)

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