Anbar to Provide Affordable Internet Services to its Citizens

The Anbar Investment Commission said on Tuesday said that it plans to provide internet services to its citizens at affordable prices.

Arkan Khalaf al-Tarmouz, the chairman of the committee, told AKnews that the investment project will provide a high-speed internet service at a cost of $70 per month [82,000 Iraqi dinars], eventually falling to 10,000 Iraqi dinars [$8.50] per month.

The project will be implemented by the "Smart Link" company from Jordan, and the "Shadow" company from Iraq.

"The contract will be signed this week with the Ministry of Communication and an investment license will be granted to the company, after two months the station will be established in Anbar, and the company will give part of the profits to the Ministry of Communications according to the contract, at the rate of 20-30%."

(Source: AKnews)

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