Microsoft Makes First Trip to Kurdistan

Aiming at helping the regional government of Kurdistan to develop its technological sector, a leading delegation from the Microsoft Corporation made its first visit to the capital Erbil on Sunday.

The visit was made possible by an invitation by the two-year old Department of Technology of the Kurdistan Regional Government (KRG) that has set a five-year IT strategy to increase the use of technology in the government.

Leila Serhan, general manager of Microsoft in Lebanon chairing the delegation, was “impressed by the level” of technological facilities available in Kurdistan.

“We have seen not only an evolution but a revolution,” Serhan told reporters in reference to the occurrence of the region’s technological progress in the last two years, since the establishment of the KRG’s IT department.

Kurdistan has been autonomous since 1991, the end of the Gulf War. Unlike the rest of Iraq, which has been largely plagued by violence, this region has been a relatively safe haven allowing foreign investors to come and help the three provinces of Erbil, Suleimaniah and Duhok to boom.

But there are still challenges facing the business-friendly region as it is trying to build an IT infrastructure or become an electronic government (e-government).

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