2,300 Prosecutions for Corruption in Iraq This Year

The Chairman of the Iraqi Commission on Integrity, Rahim al-Ugeily, has announced on Thursday that 2,300 defendants have been prosecuted this year on charges of corruption, totalling in excess of 600 billion (b) Iraqi Dinars (US$535 million approx.).

600 people have been sentenced to various jail sentences.

Judge Ugeily was speaking in a workshop taking place in Erbil, the capital of north Iraq’s Kurdistan Region, in which he called for the implementation of laws to protect informers and persons reporting financial and administrative corruption, in order to eliminate this problem.

“Iraq needs to define the symptoms of corruption, their size and environment, as well as the reasons for its appearance, in order to put an end for such phenomena, reiterating the significance to carry out such surveys,” Ugeily said.

“Iraq must carry out a general survey for the public sector, in order to define the weaknesses and to carry out reforms in those areas,” pointing out that the experimental survey carried out last year had “uncovered that the majority of the public sector employees, i.e. 72 percent of them, fear corruption reports,” he noted.

(Source: Aswat al-Iraq)

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