UK to Upgrade Erbil Office to Full Consulate

In the meeting with Prime Minister Salih, Minister Burt discussed the formation of the Iraqi government, the strengthening of trade relations between Britain and the Kurdistan Region and the prospect of Kurdistani students with government scholarships studying at British universities.

On his arrival in Erbil, Minister Burt had a separate meeting with the Head of the Department of Foreign Relations, Minister Falah Mustafa Bakir, and Dr Fuad Hussein, the President’s Chief of Staff.

Minister Bakir said, “We welcome this visit as it states the attention the UK gives to the Region and shows the important role played by the Kurdistan Region in Iraqi politics. The KRG welcomes the decision to upgrade the embassy office to a full consulate, which will strengthen political, economic and cultural ties between the Region and the UK.

The meeting with Prime Minister Salih was attended by Dr Hawrami; Higher Education Minister Dlawer Alaaldin; Minister Bakir, Chairman of the Kurdistan Board of Investment Minister Herish Muharam; and the KRG High Representative to the UK Bayan Sami Abdul Rahman. This was followed by a discussion over lunch with the representatives of several British companies operating in Kurdistan who spoke about their experience of doing business in the region.

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