Lafarge Continues to Increase Capacity in Iraq

Lafarge, the world’s biggest cement maker, plans to increase its annual capacity in Iraq by 2 million tons by 2013 as the country rebuilds homes and infrastructure destroyed by war, according to a report from Bloomberg.

Lafarge currently has capacity of 6 million tons a year across three plants and is producing 4 million tons, or 25 percent of Iraq’s cement, Marcel Cobuz, chief executive officer for Iraq, said in an interview in Amman.

“Now the demand in Iraq is constantly growing,” he said. The unit had more than 10 percent growth last year and “a little bit less this year”.

Demand for building materials in Iraq is set to increase as the country rebuilds infrastructure and homes after years of war and economic sanctions. As we reported yesterday, Iraq’s housing minister has said they will need to build 2.5 million homes by 2015.

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