UN Moves Towards Ending Iraq's Chapter VII

Expected Council Action
The US (Council president in December) has scheduled a high profile meeting of the Council on Iraq on 15 December. US Vice President Joseph Biden is expected to chair the meeting. It was unclear at time of writing at what level other Council members would participate.

It seems that the rationale for this high-level event is to mark in a distinctive way the recent positive political progress in Iraq and in particular the completion of the complex interparty negotiations on government formation. Several Iraq issues were previously scheduled on the calendar for the Council in the month of December, and the US has taken the opportunity to consolidate discussion of some of these issues and to focus Council attention on Iraq and move forward with the termination of some of the Saddam era Chapter VII obligations imposed on Iraq.

Several decisions are possible from the high-level meeting, including a presidential statement on Iraq’s political progress and possibly as many as three resolutions removing some of the Chapter VII restrictions imposed on Iraq. It is unclear whether the Council meeting will also address residual issues such as the still unimplemented obligations of Iraq to Kuwait.

Council members will have before them in December the Secretary-General's regular four-monthly report on Iraq. In addition a report from Gennady Tarasov, the high-level coordinator on Kuwaiti missing persons and property, is due for discussion in December.

Also the mandate for the Development Fund for Iraq (DFI) and related immunities expires at the end of the year.

It seems that negotiations have begun on draft resolutions which would:

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