Iraq Is On The Cusp Of Something Remarkable

The UN Security Council finally decided on Wednesday to remove many of the 'Chapter VII' restrictions imposed on Iraq in the wake of the invasion of Kuwait in 1990.

This makes Iraq more independent, and is another step in putting the country on equal terms with the rest of the world.

As US Vice-President Joe Biden put it, “Iraq is on the cusp of something remarkable – a stable, self-reliant nation”.

If the rival factions can piece together a stable cabinet over the next two weeks, and the indications are that they will, then we can look forward to more progress in a country where “everything imaginable needs to be rebuilt”.

This could well signal the start of a new phase in Iraq's development, and Iraq Business News will continue to assist businesses to play their part in that development. For example, on our website we have just set up a tab for tenders, where we will bring you news of opportunities to supply goods and services to this growing market.

And of course Upper Quartile and AAIB are always on hand to guide your business through the complexities of Iraqi life. For more information please contact Gavin Jones or Adrian Shaw.

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