'Major Progress' in Anbar Gas Stand-Off

"Major progress" is reported in negotiations between Iraq's Oil Ministry and the local government in Anbar Province in western Iraq regarding the contracts to develop the gas fields in the province.

Aswat al-Iraq quotes Assem Jihad, a leading Oil Ministry spokesman, as saying on Sunday that “the Oil Ministry has discussed with Anbar Province and its Council, the contracts that had been scored by the Korean KOGAS and the KazMunaiGas companies, to develop the gas fields in Anbar ...  major progress had been achieved in the dialogues about the achievement of those contracts.”

Anbar’s Council had rejected the export of gas from Anbar’s Ukaz field, estimated to reach 2.1 trillion (t) cubic feet.

Jihad said that “the Oil Ministry has laid a condition on the said international companies to depend on the Iraqi national cadre, with a percentage exceeding 85%,” pointing out that “Anbar Province would have additional revenues through this step, as well as Iraq in general, along with the encouragement of investment in the Province, being a significant step to serve projects in the whole of Iraq.”

“The Oil Ministry is looking forward towards national investments of the said fields and their revenues that would serve the interest of the Province in particular and the whole of Iraq in general,” Jihad said, adding that there are important projects in Anbar in the field of electric power.

(Source: Aswat al-Iraq)

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