Private Kurdish TV/Radio News Service Soon

A new satellite TV channel and a radio station will soon be launched, airing news in Kurdish. According to AKnews, the general director for the new outlets said most of the preliminaries are completed and the new service will air programs from early 2011.

There are a number of governmental and party affiliated media outlets, broadcasting their programs from the Kurdistan Region, however, private services are rare.

Director Twana Othman told AKnews that Nalia Company, has planned to open three satellite TV channels and a radio station, and the project begins with launching the news service early 2011 which will be limited to news, discussions and documentaries.

According to Othman the new service will initially have only one office in Sulaimaniya, 346km northeast of Baghdad.

One of the two other TV channels will be devoted to screening foreign movies with Kurdish subtitles and the other to entertainment, music and programs and competitions for youth.

Nalia Company is mainly engaged in housing projects in the Region. So far the group has constructed a number of compounds in the Region, including the German and Kurd Cities in Sulaimaniya.

(Source: AKnews)

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