Iraq Signs MoU with Japan

The following is the text of the speech from Salar Mohammed Amin, Vice-Chairman of Iraq's National Investment Commission,  on the occasion of the signing of the Memorandum of Understanding with Japan:

Signing the Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) today, we would like to increase the depth of the special relationship between our two countries, and we would like to thank the Government and people of Japan for their support to Iraq being the second largest donor to us, where Japan has donated $ 1.5 billion in grants and $ 3.5 billion as loans.

Iraq has welcomed several Japanese companies in the past and we would like to welcome more of them in the future. Today, Iraq launched a new stage of comprehensive development in all sectors, particularly in large infrastructure projects

During the next days a new government will be announced that will work hand in hand with a functioning Parliament which was elected democratically by the Iraqi people

Which will ensure greater stability and improved security situation, which will increase the interest of investors and the private sector in the Iraqi market.

We in the National Investment Commission stand ready to support all parties wishing to invest in Iraq, I would like to thank you again for this wonderful opportunity, and I look forward to welcoming you all to Iraq in the near future.

(Source: National Investment Commission)

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