Iraq to Buy 15 New Aircraft

Iraq's Transport Ministry revealed on Thursday that it has signed a contract with a German company to buy 15 civilian aircraft to be delivered by 2013. According to the report from AKnews, this indicates that the ministry plans to contract with international airlines to operate flights to the country, on the condition that about 45% of the profits are allocated to Iraqi Airways.

The press secretary for Iraqi Airways, Akram Lahibi, said Iraq has signed a contract with the German company 'Bionk' to import 15 aircraft which would arrive in Iraq by 2013 after the solution has been reached between Iraq and Kuwait on the compensation of the airlines.

According to Lahibi, discussions with the Kuwaiti side have reached an advanced stage and many of legal obstacles confronting Iraqi Airways have been fully resolved, which will contribute to the establishment of air routes between Iraq and the rest of the world.

The Ministry of Transport declared on January 17 the opening of three major air lines.

Iraqi has to pay Kuwait $1.2 billion as compensation for damaging 10 Kuwaiti airplanes during the invasion in 1990. Kuwait is reportedly demanding $1.3 billion, to include accrued interest.

In 2008, the Iraqi government contracted with Boeing to buy 40 new 737 and 787 Dreamliners, with purchase rights for an additional 15 aircraft to be delivered during 2013 -- the total value of the contract amounted to $ 5.5 billion. The Iraqi government also signed a contract with the Canadian company Bombardier to buy 10 aircraft CRJ900 medium-sized planes with the right to buy 10 other aircraft in the future.

(Source: AKnews)

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