Van Oord Wins $100m Iraq Dredging Contract

Dutch company Van Oord has been awarded the dredging contract for the Iraq crude oil export expansion project off the coast of Iraq in the Arabian Gulf [Persian Gulf].

The client is the South Oil Company of Iraq. Van Oord will be working for main contractor Leighton based in Australia. The contract value for Van Oord amounts to some 100 million US Dollar. Work will start immediately and continue until the end of 2011. After completing the maintenance dredging project in the port of Umm Qasr in 2003, this is Van Oord’s next project in Iraq.

Van Oord will be dredging a 43-kilometre-long trench and the turning basins around three oil loading buoys. The project site is located at the mouth of the river Euphrates. Van Oord will be deploying its largest trailing suction hopper dredger HAM 318 (pictured) and two cutter suction dredgers.The HAM 318 will be working at a distance of approximately 40 km off shore. The cutter suction dredgers will be working closer to the coast. During project execution all employees will remain offshore.

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