Construction Starts on $135m Hospital in Diwaniya

AKnews reports that an Australian company has started construction on a new 400-bed hospital in Qadisiya.

The five-story hospital, costing about $135 million, will be built on an area of 6,648 square meters by the Australian Construction Company (ACA) over a period of 33 months in the provincial capital, Diwaniyah.

The hospital is divided into several sections, including a special department for cancer, and general operations halls.

"Upon completion, the hospital will be equipped with sonar and other advanced equipment," says Qais Fulayyih Hasan, the supervising engineer responsible for the implementation of the project.

The project also has two parking lots, one for the doctors and the hospital workers and another for the people visiting the hospital, according to Hasan.

"The hospital will be built to Australian standards and it will provide good services to citizens," he said.

The project is being funded from the investment plan of the Ministry of Health.

(Source: AKnews)

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