Gulftainer to Build New Port North of Umm Qasr

The director of the Iraqi Ports Company said on Thursday that the company signed its second contract with the Emirati company Gulftainer to establish a dry port north of Umm Qasr port, at a cost of $150 million [180 billion Iraqi dinars], according to a report from AKnews.

Khudair Aboud said that the project is part of a plan to upgrade the transport system in Iraq, which includes ports, railways and roads, and this is the first step in the establishment of logistic infrastructure.

"The project includes the construction of the dry port on an area of 300 acres, five refrigerated and unrefrigerated warehouses, the building of management and services building, and construction of roads entering and leaving the port of Umm Qasr and bringing 48 cranes and tankers."

Keith Nitel, the commercial director of Gulftainer, told AKnews that "the contract value is $ 150 million and the duration of the joint operation is three years; it will be completed in one year."

"This project is of great importance as it links Iraq commercially with the world through the dry canal that the company will esablish."

Gulftainer will rehabilitate berth number seven in Umm Qasr port and it started receiving commercial ships since last March. The company's investment is estimated at about $ 500 million over a number of projects related to ports, transportation projects and local airports.

Iraq has five ports in Basra province (550 km south of the Iraqi capital of Baghdad): Umm Qasr port, Abu Fulus, Khor Zubair, Faw port, Khor Abdullah and al-Amaya oil port.

(Source: AKnews)

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