New 14-Screen Multiplex Cinema for Erbil

A unique event is about to unfold in Iraq, where for the first time ever a cinema multiplex will open in the recently constructed Family Mall in Erbil, the region’s newest shopping and leisure destination.

“This is a one of a kind project,” says Gino Haddad, CFO and Business Development Director for Empire Cinemas. The leading cinema circuit and movies distributor in Lebanon and the Gulf will spearhead the group into Iraq, hosting 14 state of the art screens, equipped with 3D digital projectors and DTS digital surround sound systems.

Taking a cultural page out of a glorious history of the country, Empire Cinemas designed very spacious theaters with stadium-like architecture, which can boast more than 2500 seats, including an exquisite section for the VIP.

The large multiplex lobby will be adorned with comfortable lounge couches, as well as a sizable concession area catering to the whim of all movie fans; children and adults; offering a wide array of refreshment and snack categories from flavored popcorn and sizzling cheese nachos to imported American chocolate delights.

Hollywood blockbuster movies are scheduled to be released concurrently with U.S and European launch dates, while Arabic and commercial Indian movies’ enthusiasts can regularly rejoice in the top selections on offer.

Empire Cinemas, in collaboration with Jones Lang LaSalle (leasing agents), was able to conclude a long-term leasing agreement with Darin, an Iraqi construction company and owner of Family Mall. Construction is underway and the multiplex is scheduled to be open for business towards the end of 2011 or early in 2012.

The Empire Group is proud to expand into Iraq with a pioneering project in the heart of Kurdistan and thrilled to serve a crucial role as the entertainment hub of Erbil’s most exciting new destination. Empire Cinemas has also entered into negotiations for two similar projects in Sulaimaniya and Dohuk (Kurdistan Region) with the ultimate goal being to spread its exclusive movie-going experience throughout the Iraqi territory.

For more information, please contact Gino Haddad at:

Tel: +961 1 616600

Tel: +964 750 7435858

Email: [email protected]

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