Versar Wins $1.5 Training Contract in Iraq

Versar, the Springfield Virginia-based project management company, has announced it was awarded an approx. $1.5 million contract from the United States Forces in Iraq for the training of Iraqi Ministry of Defense personnel.

The contract will continue through September 2011. This contract will train and certify over 300 Iraqi engineers and technicians to operate and maintain electrical generation, water and waste water, and other mechanical systems related to the United States multi-billion dollar investment in the reconstruction effort of Iraq. Since 2004, Versar has provided training and development of the Iraqi workforce.

Tony Otten, CEO of Versar, Inc., said “We are very proud to again be selected in the training and development of the Iraqi workforce. We believe these efforts are directly contributing to the advancement and stabilization of the region and Iraqi people.

Last year, the company won a $17.1 million contract from the US Army Corps of Engineers (USACE) to carry out electrical inspections.

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