Scotland Makes 1st Contribution to UN Trust Fund for Iraq

The Scottish Government has given £300,000£  ($480,000, 576 million Iraqi dinars) to the newly established United Nations Trust Fund for Iraq, the first contribution to be made against this Fund.

The contribution of the Scottish Government will be allocated to water development in Iraq under the United Nations Development Assistance Framework (UNDAF).

“With this contribution we hope we will be making a difference to some of the most vulnerable people in Iraq” said Ms. Fiona Hyslop Scottish Minister for Culture and External Affairs (pictured). “A top priority for us is to support water projects in Iraq.  We are working with the United Nations to improve access to water and sanitation services in the country”

The contribution will support the UNDAF Priority on “Environmental Management and Compliance with Ratified International Environmental Treaties and Obligations” a priority that contributes to meeting a number of targets set to be achieved under the Millennium Development Goals by 2015.

“I warmly welcome the support of the Scottish government which is the first contribution to the new UNDAF Trust Fund for Iraq” said Christine McNab Resident and Humanitarian Coordinator for Iraq.  “The funding will contribute to improving the lives of the Iraqi people through improving access to clean water and sanitation” she added.

The UNDAF, which requires 1.9 billion US $ for the implementation of an agreed programme of work, was jointly signed in May 2010 by the United Nations and the Government of Iraq.

The UNDAF which will be implemented from 2011-2014 has five priorities: improved governance and protection of human rights, economic growth, environment management, access to quality essential services, and investment in human capital with a focus on women, youth and children. It is aligned with the priorities of the Government’s Five Year National Development Plan which considers human capital the main pillar for building Iraq.

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