Private Shipping Strike Continues in Iraq

A shipping agent in Basra said on Sunday that private sector shipping companies   continued to strike for the sixth consecutive day in Khor Al-Zubair and Umm Qasr ports.

A spokesman in Basra told AKnews that "our demands are focused on activating Law of 51 that the Iraqi Ministry of Transport refrains from its implementation, though it effective on other government institutions since 2003, as well as the abolition of the Law 86 of 1985, which marginalized the role of the private maritime sector."

Law 51, which was launched by the civil administrator in Iraq , Paul Bremer in 2003 states on the need to find an area of legitimate competition between the public and private sectors with regard to the work of state institutions, while Act 86 of 1985 limits the work of marine agencies.

The spokesman called on the authorities to explain why the government's shipping company can impose heavy taxes on cargo and vessels without providing any service.

"The representatives of all private companies are determined to continue the strike in case of failure to achieve their demands in activating the role of the private sector."

Shipping company of the Iraqi Ministry of Transportation declined from making any statement on the grounds that it is not authorized.

(Source: AKnews)

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