Kufa Uni Signs Broadband Agreement with Omnnea

In a move to enrich Kufa University's educational and research activities, Kufa University president Dr. Abdul Razzak Al-Issa signed a broadband service agreement with Omnnea.

The broadband service will be used to allow both Kufa University faculty and students to conduct research, hold video conferencing and to utilize e-learning curriculum. Dr. Al-Issa stated, "One of our main reasons for selecting Omnnea for this contract is its strong presence in Iraq which means for us that technical support can be provided in a prompt and effective manner."

Dr. Faisal Fadul, Omnnea's CEO, stated, "Kufa University will benefit from its LAN based value added services such as an online library which holds thousands of books, an online directories, multiple television streams, and online video on demand with access to training and educational videos at no cost to the University."

About Kufa University - Kufa University was founded in December 1987 in Najaf Province, Iraq. Kufa University is the largest accredited university in Iraq with 12 colleges including the schools of jurisprudence, medicine, dentistry, pharmacy, nursing, engineering, science, agriculture, law, administration and economy. Kufa University offers a broad variety of MSC and PHD programs. For more information on Kufa University, please visit www.kuiraq.com.

About Omnnea Wireless - Omnnea Wireless is a privately held operator in Iraq. It is currently providing wireless voice, internet and data services throughout Iraq. Omnnea is currently engaged in wireless telecommunications integration and services, research & development based security services and information technology. Headquartered in Babylon Province, the firm has additional offices in Najaf, Basra, and Baghdad, as well as a satellite office in Herndon, Virginia. Omnnea has been operating in Iraq since 2004 and prides itself on its efforts in promoting corporate ethics and social responsibility.

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