Head of Iraq's SWAT Team Arrested for Corruption

The commander of Iraq's rapid response force has been arrested on suspicion of corruption.

According to a report from Reuters, Brigadier General Numan Dakhil was caught during a sting operation in which he was filmed taking a $50,000 bribe from a contractor.

Sabah al-Saedi, a member of the Integrity Committee, said that Brigadier General Numan Dakhil was caught taking the bribe near Baghdad International airport on Thursday but escaped anti-corruption watchdog investigators after his guards beat them. Dakhil was later arrested on Friday.

"Eight of the Integrity Commission investigators seized him while he was receiving a sum from the contractor. The incident has been recorded with legal evidence," Saedi told Reuters.

Corruption has been a major problem for Iraq since the 2003 U.S.-led invasion and the country is ranked as one of the world's most corrupt nations in Transparency International's annual corruption perceptions index.

4 Responses to Head of Iraq's SWAT Team Arrested for Corruption

  1. Tony Baker 18th March 2011 at 11:35 #

    You should get your facts straight, or check your source for this information. This is despicable reporting, a false and malicious illegal accusation, and setup, of a very good Iraqi security forces officer. This individual did not accept any bribes, and was not involved in any bribes, rather, the people working for the integrity committee, who set this situation and frame job up, and their corrupt sources, brothers, family, cousins, and corrupt colleagues, are the ones responsible for these false accusations. This officer has been falsely accused, and falsely and maliciously set up. These people who did this, or who were involved in this, had better be watching out for themselves, as they are the ones going to jail real soon. This officer will be acquitted most likely, as these charges and accusations are entirely false, and your newspaper and news reporting should seek accurate facts before writing slanderous comments about someone, or anyone, for whom you know absolutely nothing about. What kind of reporting is this? Who is going to read your prints and news articles if what you write has no merit whatsoever. Suggest you check your facts, and your sources, and multiple sources, before you print such slanderous and false accusations about anyone.

  2. Editor 21st March 2011 at 05:31 #

    Dear Tony,

    thank you for your comments. We stand by the article as written. We have not made any accusations or taken a position on this person's guilt or innocence, but have simply reported on his arrest.

    - Editor

  3. Stew 21st March 2011 at 16:03 #

    I’ve read much about Iraq… and there are many many reports of massive corruption in all levels of the Gov. It has been described simply as “a way of life” over there. It’s been said that absolutely nothing gets done in Iraq without some form of a payoff.
    Corruption is standard operating procedure in Iraq.

  4. Dave 22nd March 2011 at 14:00 #

    You are probably correct. Corruption seems be the norm here for sure. However, most significantly, and in this specific case, the corruption actually starts with the very committee that is supposed to be the lead effort in the anti-corruption task force in Iraq. The Commission of Integrity (COI) as it's called. Unfortunately, it (the COI) seems to be a commission of criminals / thugs / corrupted individuals themselves, and in itself. Several members of the integrity committee themselves, to include their lead investigator, and the committee chairman who wrote this article most likely, and others, are connected by family or by business connection, which is also linked to, and actually the culprit that started this entire false and illegal sting operation, and investigation. This particular investigator is the brother of a specific business owner, for which this entire false / malicious campaign was set up to support. Unfortunately, they have attempted to set up and frame a very good Iraqi security forces officer in this case, who has done absolutely nothing wrong, or illegal. They have done this such to support and try to continue to keep a several million dollar government contract in place, such to be able to steal more money from the USG before they leave, and give it to all their corrupt associates. It's a real shame that these types of people are able to do these sorts of activities such to bolster and support their own illegal and corrupt activities and financing operations. In this country, it appears that the good and honest people get taken down, and the bad and corrupt people get to continue on as normal. People should pull all their money out of here for sure, immediately, and not give them a dime more, for anything. They don't deserve it. Let them spend their own money on this if they want it that bad. Then they can just steal it from themselves, and not us.