Weapons Destroyed to Support International Trade

MAG (pronounced “Mag”) – Mines Advisory Group – is a neutral and impartial humanitarian organisation that clears the remnants of conflict for the benefit of communities worldwide.

MAG has destroyed more than 430 deadly weapons that were threatening the lives of truck drivers and blocking development at one of the biggest trading points between Iraq and Turkey.

The items, which included unexploded shells, mortars and rockets, were removed by MAG Iraq’s Conventional Weapons Disposal teams from a trading complex in the border village of Kharabadar.

They had been preventing access to land that could be used for construction of offices and stores, as well as threatening the lives of goods transportation drivers from both countries.

"In coordination with local authorities in the area, and the local workers and owners in the Kharabadar trading complex, we were able to identify the location of most of the hazardous items in the area," said Vadar Mustafa, MAG Iraq's Community Liaison Coordinator in Dohuk.

"MAG's Community Liaison teams delivered risk education sessions to the villagers and trade workers in the area, to teach them about the risks posed by the weapons. We distributed different materials, such as booklets and leaflets, to the villagers and trade workers in support of our risk education activities.”

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