Iraq to Bolster Trade with Sri Lanka

Iraq welcomes Sri Lanka’s cooperation and talented labour force to rebuild the nation, according to a report from Sri Lanka's Daily Star.

Addressing a media briefing at the Chamber of Commerce yesterday, Iraq's Ambassador, Kahtan Taha Khallaf Kali, said Iraq aims to produce 11 million barrels of oil per day in 2016, compared to about 2.7 million bpd at present.

“Further development of the oil industry and other activities in the economy would create more opportunities for Sri Lankans,” he said. Iraq will also be looking at 'reactivating bi-lateral relationship' between Sri Lanka and Iraq in finance, political, social and other arenas for an enhanced and long-lasting rapport.

“There is a huge market for Ceylon tea in Iraq and you can’t imagine how many Iraqis are consuming Ceylon tea per day in our country.

We are hoping to open an Iraq- Sri Lanka trading centre in Baghdad shortly to overcome the problems faced by the both countries in trading activities”.

“The enthusiasm of Sri Lankan entrepreneurs to start ventures in Iraq is welcome and this will create more trade partnerships between Sri Lankan and Iraq private sectors in the future,” the Ambassador said.

Sri Lanka Tea Board Promotion Deputy Director, Upali Kahandawa, said that promoting direct tea imports, encouraging the purchasing of pre-packed tea from Sri Lanka, minimize the involvement of intermediaries in purchasing Ceylon tea while appointing an international accredited agency to monitor the quality of tea will be needed to promote Ceylon tea imports by Iraq.

(Source: Daily Star)

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