Iraqi Microfinance Targets Women

Iraq's Ministry of State for Women's Affairs, Ibtihal al-Zaidi, told AKnews that the Iraqi Council of Ministers agreed to allocate a proportion of small loans for women.

During its recent meeting on granting loans to finance the small enterprises, the Council of Ministers agreed that priority will be given to women supporting families.

"The request of the Women Ministry comes as part of its efforts to provide job opportunities that provide women and their families enough income."

The Ministry of State for Women's Affairs was introduced in Iraq after 2003 after the fall of the former regime, and it is one of the ministries that deal with the affairs of women and children, but the lack of financial allocations to this ministry prevented the implementation of projects over the past years, which were hoped to accommodate hundreds of thousands of widows and supporting women for their families.

(Source: AKnews)

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