Najaf to Host Agricultural Exhibition

The Najaf province announced on Saturday that it will host its 4th agricultural exhibition on April 25, to encourage investment in the agricultural sector in the province.

Faed Kadhim Noun, the head of the provincial council, told AKnews that local and international companies are invited to participate in the exhibition in order to improve the agricultural situation in Iraq in general and Najaf in particular, as it needs to be developed by educating the Iraqi farmers and using modern machinery in agriculture.

The chairman of the Agronomists Syndicate in Najaf, Ali al-Naffakh, told AKnews that the state must develop plans, with the participation of all agricultural institutions in Iraq, to improve agricultural output in the country.

"This kind of activity is important in order to get informed about modern techniques in the world. The agricultural sector in Najaf is counting on the exhibition to attract investments."

"The exhibition will include all aspects of agricultural activities such as: mechanization, seeds, agricultural research in various fields, bee-keeping, irrigation methods, greenhouses and others."

The Iraqi government launched a comprehensive initiative to improve agriculture in the country in July 2007, and set a time limit of ten years for Iraq to reach self-sufficiency in strategic crops.

The initiative includes, among other things, supporting farmers with seeds, fertilizers, pesticides, land reclamation, ensuring the purchase of production of strategic crops at market prices, control animal, agricultural and financial diseases and providing aid to farmers.

The Ministry of Agriculture announced on Friday that the total amount spent on the agricultural initiative reached $45 million since 2008.

(Source: AKnews)

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