$24m Programme to Improve Primary Education in Iraq

The European Union is contributing 17 million euro [$24 million] to improve access to quality basic education in Iraq.  The EU is partnering with UNICEF and the Government of Iraq to develop new education policies, build the capacity of the government, and mobilize communities to increase enrolment of girls and boys in schools and help them complete their education. This programme is in line with the ongoing work to support the Government of Iraq to develop the National Education Strategy and to meet its education targets.

“UNICEF is deeply grateful to the people of the European Union as this major programme will be instrumental in providing all Iraqi children in the years ahead with their fundamental right to a quality primary school education” said Sikander Khan, UNICEF’s Representative to Iraq. “By improving the overall quality of primary education as well as integrating hundreds of thousands of children and adolescents currently outside of the system back into it, millions of children in Iraq will benefit with the skills they need to escape poverty, become prosperous and act as a force for building a stable and peaceful Iraq in the future.”

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