Gulf Keystone Shaikan-1 Update - Shares Down 6%

Gulf Keystone has announced the results of the previously reported well test at the Shaikan-2 Appraisal Well drilled approximately nine km to the south-east of the Shaikan-1 discovery well.

Shares in Gulf Keystone closed the day down 6% on Tuesday.

Shaikan-2 has achieved short term, indicated rates of 10,144 barrels of oil per day (bopd) and a stabilised flow rate of 8,064 bopd of 26 degree API oil and 2.44 mmscf/d of gas (Gas Oil Ratio of 302 scf/bbl) on a 2" choke at a 250 psi flowing wellhead pressure. Given the Shaikan-2 well test conditions, as well as the successful well stimulations at Shaikan-1 & 3, the Company anticipates that sustained rates in excess of 10,000 bopd could also potentially be achievable at Shaikan-2.

The Shaikan-2 flow rates are consistent with the Shaikan-1 & 3 rates but with higher quality oil and more associated gas, both of which can lead to an enhanced recovery rate. The oil gravity of 26 degrees API is significantly better (lighter) than Shaikan-1 & 3, both of which are currently producing 18 degree API oil from the upper sections of the Jurassic at the Company's Extended Well Test facility.

The Shaikan-2 well test was conducted in a 44 meter interval (1792m to 1836m) in the upper section of the Jurassic age formation. Following this test, normal drilling operations will recommence and the Company anticipates that further Shaikan-2 drilling will follow the Shaikan-1 geological sequence, i.e. through multiple, potential Jurassic and Triassic reservoirs before reaching TD at the bottom of the Triassic or into the top of the Permian, depending on well results.

The Company has a 75 percent working interest in the Shaikan block and is partnered with the MOL subsidiary, Kalegran Ltd., and Texas Keystone Inc. which have the remaining 20 and 5 percent working interests respectively.

Todd F. Kozel, Gulf Keystone's Executive Chairman and Chief Executive Officer commented:

"We are extremely excited about the Shaikan-2 well test results, especially considering the potential implications of this successful nine kilometre step-out from the Shaikan-1 discovery well for the oil-in-place resource estimates. We eagerly anticipate further results from the continuing drilling program for this well."

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