Basra Restricts Foreign Workers

The head of the Basra Investment Commission said on Wednesday that it has placed strict controls on the entry of foreign workers to the province.

Haidar Ali Fadel told AKnews that the commission is restricting the numbers of foreign workers in the province in order to prioritize local manpower, and that formal approval has not been granted to investors to bring in foreign workers for two years now.

“The commission is responsible in one way or another for addressing the issue of unemployment,” he said, “particularly as unemployment has become a major concern for Iraqis in all provinces across the country”.

“90% of the manpower needed to implement foreign investment projects is available in the country,” Fadel continued, “Iraq possesses experienced workers on all levels.”

According to World Bank estimates, unemployment in Iraq has risen to around 39% over the past two years, a figure the Iraqi government’s Central Bureau of Statistics refutes, placing the figure at only 15%.

(Source: AKnews)

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