How to do Business in the Middle East

On Thursday 5th May, the UK's Middle East Association (MEA) is holding a seminar with Mike Brennan, offering practical advice on how to do business in the Middle East.

Mike Brennan has over 40 years of regional experience, with an enviable track record of contracts in both the private and public sectors. He knows how business is done and offers the practical advice that can only be learnt by negotiating real contracts. He continues to advise clients in business throughout the region.

Business topics include: Trip Preparation, Documentation, Your Customer, Making Appointments, Getting your Message Across, Language, Building Relationships – Friendship or Trust, Getting the most from Meetings, Decision Making, Committees – Why They Exist & How to Deal with Them, Procurement Processes, Specifications, Pricing, Negotiating Techniques, Concluding the Deal, Contracts and Documentation, Getting Paid, Late Payments, Selection of Agents, Agency Laws, Corruption, Local Offices, Dispute Resolution, The Future, Agents and Sponsorship, Islamic Banking, the Role of Women and some Golden Rules.

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