Iraq to Slash Politicians' Salaries in Weeks

Iraq’s parliament plans to adopt legislation to cut the pay and benefits of top officials by the end of the month, Speaker Usama al-Nujaifi [al-Najafi] (pictured) has said.

According to the report from Bloomberg, parliament will start discussing the matter on April 26 and pass either one law or three separate laws by the end of April, al- Nujaifi said in a press conference in Baghdad.

The government approved in February a draft law that would cut senior officials’ salaries and benefits by more than half. The money saved is meant to be used for reconstruction projects and to achieve equality in pay and benefits.

Iraqi protesters, inspired by unrest across the Arab world, have taken to the streets to demonstrate against poor living conditions, power rationing and corruption.

The law would cut the salaries and benefits of the president, the prime minister, the parliament speaker and all their deputies by more than 50 percent, government spokesman Ali Al-Dabbagh said in February. Remuneration for ministers and members of parliament would be slashed by more than 40 percent.

(Source: Bloomberg)

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