New NIC Guidelines for Foreign Workers in Iraq

The National Investment Commission in Iraq has decided new regulations to decrease the use of foreign labor in Iraq, with the intention of providing more jobs for unemployed Iraqis.

The following points were released by the NIC on Tuesday to clarify those regulations:

  1. The investor shall decide in advance the rate of the work force needed in his projects then clarifying the rate of the foreign labor, then the commission shall consider the rates and decide whether to grant a license or not.
  2. The foreign labor should include a technical and skilled staff that is not available locally (according to investment law No.13 of 2006 and investment system No.2 of 2010).
  3. The concerned commission shall send the requests and their documents to NIC, the latter will address the ministry of labour and social affairs/ labor and technical training directorate/ employment department, and send a list of the names of the foreign workers so as to prepare the required approvals for them.
  4. Visa requests should be sent to NIC so as to address the related authorities.


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