Najaf to Build "10,000 Flats" for Teachers

According to a report from Azzaman, the Province of Najaf is to build 10,000 flats to house school teachers as part of a new policy to upgrade education in schools across the province.

Governor Adnan al-Zarqai said his local administration has decided to place more emphasis on developing all aspects of education in the province.

“Iraq’s problems are huge and addressing them requires massive budgets for several years. Our priorities in the province are health and education and this places more responsibilities on our shoulders to build more schools and new houses for teachers”,  the Governor said.

He said more school buildings were needed to solve problems related to overcrowding and buildings being used by several schools at a time.

The holy city of Najaf has attracted a lot of foreign investment but most of it has centered on tourism and related industries such as hotels.

Zarqai said it was time to allow both private and foreign entrepreneurs to invest in education.

He said his province would not mind establishing private schools to ease the pressure on state-run schools.

He said 30 more schools were to be built throughout the province this year.

But most ambitious among Najaf’s projects in the educational sector is the decision to build 10,000 flats to house all teachers working in the province.

These flats will be built in different parts and in close proximity of schools in provincial towns and villages.

“The provision of decent housing to teachers will save them from skyrocketing rents which devour most of their monthly salaries,” Zarqai said.

(Source: Azzaman)

(Photo: Imam Ali Shrine, Najaf)

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