Kuwait and Iraq Together Towards a Bright Future

Kuwait Energy Company and the American University of Kuwait (AUK)’s Gulf Studies Center today held a seminar on Kuwait-Iraq relations titled “Kuwait and Iraq together towards a bright future”. Prominent business leaders from both Kuwait and Iraq took part in the seminar held in Safir Hotel in Kuwait City.

The seminar was moderated by the Editor-in-Chief, Mr. Waleed Abdul Latif Al Nisf of Kuwait’s Al Qabas newspaper and included the following speakers:

● Dr. Mohammad Akbar, Director, Gulf Studies Center of the American University of Kuwait

● Dr. Manssour Aboukhamseen, Chairman and Managing Director. Kuwait Energy Company

● Dr. Ibrahim Bahr Aloloum, Member, Iraqi National Alliance and former Minister of Oil

● Mrs. Nabila Al Anjari, General Manager, Leaders Group Consulting and Training

● Mr. Salem Mashkour, Member, Board of Trustees of Media and Communications in Iraq

● Dr. Nabil Yaseen, Iraqi Academic and Researcher

● Dr. Ali Qubian, Senior Lecturer and Consultant, Petroleum Engineering Course Director at London South Bank University

The seminar focused on the role private sector organizations and non-governmental bodies can play in facilitating economic relations between Kuwait and Iraq, agreeing that the private sector has the opportunity of acting as a catalyst for the development of these ties, especially in the fields of tourism, logistics and social relations between the countries.

The seminar was open to visiting and local dignitaries, professionals in Kuwait as well as AUK faculty and students.

Dr. Mohammad Akbar said: “The Gulf Studies Center aims to highlight the importance of the Kuwaiti-Iraqi relations through a number of experts and professionals in different fields. Both countries are united on many fronts, and have seen positive development in relations since the change of regime. There is no doubt these relations will continue to develop and bring benefits to the people of both countries and to other Arab countries. Today, many initiatives have been launched between Kuwait and Iraq, not only on a political front, but also in economy, culture, sports, and social matters. The promotion of dialogue through seminars like the one held today, works to strengthen existing cooperation between the two countries for the benefit of their respective peoples.”

Dr. Manssour Aboukhamseen stated, “Relations between Kuwait and Iraq have a promising future thanks to the recent efforts by both governments and a centuries-old foundation of social and economic ties. Iraq’s energy sector requires financing, expertise and logistical support. It is time now for the private sectors of both countries to work together and collaborate on growing these ties through projects that yield mutual benefit for the people of Kuwait and Iraq.

Aboukhamseen added: “Today’s forum was an absolute success in that regards. We shared ideas and views on how Kuwaiti and Iraqi companies can work together on building Iraq, especially in the areas of project finance, technical expertise, logistical support, as well as tourism and social ties.”

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