Midland Refineries Company announces purchasing new materials

Midland Refineries Co announces the below materials:

- 1 Automation apparatus for Octane test engine with computer and 1 automated blenders for Octane & reference fuels.

- 1 set of Recycle-Gas drier.

- 1 Nitrogen membrane unit of 600 NM3/HR capacity.

-26 items of complete mobile heat treatment unit.

-32 items of spares for ASTM D-2699 engine (CFR)

-4 nos of RIM Seal protection system for floating roof tank.

-1 complete centrifugal pump with motor & base plate.

- 8000 kg of Dry chemical powder (Monnex)

-Purchasing specification for slid way oil additive & tackiness agent for slid way oil additive.

-30 000 kg of ethylene diamine tetra acetic sodium salt commercial (EDTA-NA , Powder)

For further information , please click on the above links.

Note that the closing date for all the above tenders is the 30th May 2011.

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