Iraq To Stop Being World's Garbage Dump

The three-day Conference on the Economic Future of Iraq began on Tuesday with representation from the World Bank and the Iraqi parliament.

Parliament Speaker Usama al-Nujaifi said that "Iraq has turned into the world's garbage dump through bad commodities that were imported, a matter would have not existed were it not for legislative shortcomings."

Yet he explained that new legislation will correct the problems, Aswat Al-Iraq reports.Nujaifi called for re-opening plant works to get Iraqis producing again.

The World Bank's country director for Iraq, Hedi Larbi, said that infrastructure and institutions need to get working, and that the private sector needs to get moving: "The inflation of the public sector, increase in salaries, lack of legislation and non-partnership between the public and private sectors, all negatively affect the development of the private sector."

(Sources: World Bank; Aswat Al-Iraq)

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