Mines Advisory Group Reviews 2010 Achievements

MAG (pronounced “Mag”) – Mines Advisory Group – is a neutral and impartial humanitarian organisation that clears the remnants of conflict for the benefit of communities worldwide.

Since beginning work in Iraq in 1992, MAG’s programme has grown significantly, improving life for hundreds more communities throughout the north of the country.

Assessments conducted by Community Liaison teams showed that more than four million square metres of land cleared and released during 2010 will be primarily used for farming wheat, barely and seasonal fruits, as well as grazing animals.

MAG’s Risk Education sessions, warning people of the dangers of mines, unexploded ordnance (UXO) and small arms and light weapons, reached tens of thousands of people in 2010.

As well as these activities, in 12 months MAG’s teams removed and destroyed more than 85,000 lethal landmines and items of UXO from northern Iraq.

Here are full details of MAG's lifesaving achievements in Iraq in 2010:

Land released

• MAG teams released 4,294,139 m2 of land, through a combination of manual mechanical, Mine Detection Dog clearance and area reduction, completing clearance operations in 37 minefields and 28 Battle Area Clearance sites.

Conventional weapons

• 2,317 emergency Conventional Weapons Destruction tasks were carried out.

Landmines and unexploded ordnance

• 85,567 hazardous items were removed and destroyed, of which 7,676 were landmines and 77,891 were unexploded ordnance.

Risk Education

• 2,029 Mine Risk Education sessions, reaching 23,789 beneficiaries, were conducted by MAG Community Liaison teams and our two Iraqi partner non-governmental organisations; Al-Ghad and Work for Peace delivered MRE in areas of Diyala and Kirkuk governorates where the unstable security situation limited the deployment of MAG teams.

• 170 Small Arms and Light Weapons Risk Education sessions were given, targeting 15,060 individuals.

(Source: Mines Advisory Group)

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