Hyundai May Build Mobile Power Plants for Karbala

The Province of Karbala is negotiating with Hyundai Motors regarding the construction of mobile electricity plants to serve areas suffering most from blackouts, according to a report from Azzaman.

Governor Amaludeen al-Hir said the two sides were discussing building several generators powered by fuel oil, that can withstand the country’s tough weather conditions, particularly the soaring temperatures in summer.

“The delegation representing Hyundai is in the province and they have expressed a willingness to build power plants that will operate on fuel oil,” Hir said.

Iraq produces large quantities of fuel oil but most of it is wasted due to lack of modern refining systems. Several power plants in Iraq run on fuel oil, but most of the country’s contracts for new plants are gas-driven.

The governor said he opted for fuel oil-driven plants because they “can bear Iraq’s extreme heat. These plants can work even in temperatures reaching 54 degrees centigrade”.

The mobility of the plants is important, so the plants will be installed on special trucks. According to the governor, “we can move them to areas which suffer most from electricity shortages.”

The governor did not say how many such plants were to be ordered, or give any information regarding the cost.

(Source: Azzaman)

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