Anbar Expects $2bn Investment This Year

The Province of Anbar, where once most of the country’s violence took place, is looking forward to better days, reports Azzaman.

“The value of investment projects in the Province of Anbar this year is estimated at $2 billion,” governor Qassem Abed said.

Abed made the remarks during a visit to the international trade fair held in the tourist city of al-Habaniya [al-Habbaniya], in which scores of foreign firms are taking part.

Abed has brought the exhibition together to encourage foreign firms, industrialists and entrepreneurs to invest in his province.

“The conditions and laws are much better now. We are currently in talks with hundreds of firms and we are on our way to grant contracts for large-scale investment projects,” the governor said.

The trade fair, he said, though hastily gathered, was a success. Many more firms would have turned up, had we given them more time to attend,” he said.

It is the first international fair Abed holds for foreign firms willing to invest in the province, which is Iraq’s largest in area.

The governor was upbeat on the security front: “As for the security situation, the province has made a big leap. We are in struggle with the forces of evil which are trying to derail building and reconstruction,” he said.

(Source: Azzaman)

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