NGC Announces A New Spares Tender

North Gas Company announces a new spares tender .

Offer should be worked out on the basis of CIP Kirkuk, kindly state the following:

-Unit Price

-Delivery Date & offer validity (90 days)

-Include bid bond (1%) of offer value valid for 90 days within technical-envelope otherwise be declined

-Country of Origin

-Port & country of export

-Performance certificate & all relevant document involved

-NGC may decline offers of lesser prices

-Specify shipment route

-Offers must be signed and stamped alive and must be in sealed envelops (technical & commercial offers to be separated ) with indent number & closing date clearly mentioned on the envelop.

Your offer should be mailed before 12/7/2010 prior to 3:00 pm is highly appreciated.

Please click on this link for further information.


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