Kurdistan Chamber of Commerce: Business Breakfast

The Middle East Association, along with the Kurdistan Regional Government and London Corporate Training, cordially invite you to a Business Breakfast at Bury House on Wednesday 6th July, from 08.00 until 10.00.

Following the success of a visit earlier this spring, the MEA will be hosting a twenty-strong delegation of businessmen from the Kurdistan Chamber of Commerce. The delegation will be cross-sector, although many represent the construction industry.

Kurdistan’s stable security situation has lent itself to business prosperity, and economically the region is moving rapidly ahead of the rest of Iraq. There are over 50 British companies already registered in Iraqi Kurdistan, although the UK has been a late entrant to the market and trails behind its EU competitors. However, British-Kurdish relations are strong, and British business is welcomed and encouraged for the high quality of its skills, expertise, and products.

Please click here to download further details.

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