Kalimat Offers Whole New Arena of Value Added Services in Q3 2011

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Kalimat, being a strong presence and a leader in Iraq in the 3 G and 4 G spectrum, is unveiling state‐of‐the‐art and novel services in the Iraqi market, which many more advanced countries are yet to launch.

These services will enable Kalimat’s Iraqi subscribers, to do a lot more than just make calls or use the internet with Kalimat. The services include: money transfer (K‐money); an online store (K‐store); an online Iraqi social networking club (K‐Club); and data storage services (K‐Cloud).

K‐Club is a social networking club inside Kalimat where the members can share thoughts, photos, videos and where they can blog. It will be targeted specifically to local Iraqis, and will be a single stop for all search engines and products of Kalimat. Kalimat Club will also bring to the forefront news, media and activities in Iraq while letting its subscribers know what is new and what is best in Iraq. It will provide news and entertainment channels for its subscribers with all service support provided within the K‐Club site.

K‐Store is a virtual mall in Iraq, providing access to many products available worldwide. K‐Store is the Mall or Cyber‐shopping complex in Iraq. The dealers and suppliers will have a portal on the K‐store to showcase their products and Kalimat Subscribers can buy the products using Kalimat Prepaid cards by paying into the portal, and choosing an outlet from the drop‐down menu the outlet to be delivered with a small delivery charge.

This facility will help Kalimat subscribers shop online without a Credit or Debit card, in a country where their are no credit cards or debit cards available; and will encourage Iraqi’s to buy within Iraq and thus lifting the Iraq economy.

K‐ Money is your virtual money, providing flexibility to transfer, make payments and to make purchases with the utmost security. K‐money is redeemable at any bank or Kalimat authorized outlet in Iraq. The list of outlets is provided from the Kalimat helpdesk or by SMS. K‐money facilitates money transfer between subscribers and can also be exchanged at approved automatic terminals for cash. This facilitates payment settlement between Kalimat subscribers for a variety of services. For example, if a Kalimat subscriber takes a taxi and if the taxi driver is a Kalimat Subscriber the payment can be made by K‐money. The taxi driver can then pay for groceries or fuel the same way, and the fuel station or grocery store can visit the bank or any Kalimat‐authorized outlet to exchange the K‐money for cash.

K‐cloud from Kalimat is an ultimate data storage solution for Kalimat subscribers. K‐Cloud can be used for a variety of tasks, from simple backing‐up of your phone contact list and data, to the huge security data storage and backup requirements for the emerging corporate environment of Iraq. All of this with the speed of an intranet, and with a highly secured data encryption. This service facilitates eluding of data storage systems in the corporate premises, and companies and individuals can now depend on the responsible, secure and safer K‐Cloud.

Mr. Wilson Varghese, CEO of Kalimat said “With this array of Value Added Services, Kalimat will be the operator of choice in Iraq, by providing full 3G and 4G services and also recognizing and responding to our Subscriber needs.”

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