Iran About to Drill for Oil on Iraqi Border

A security source in Basra Province revealed on Wednesday that Iran is preparing to drill an oil well 600 meters from the border of Iraq's Basra province, and stressed that relevant government authorities were informed of this activity, according to Alsumarianews.

The source told the agency that border forces detected the installation of an Iranian drilling tower close to the Iraqi border.

The source who spoke under condition of anonymity said that “Iraqi forces noticed the presence of caravans and working machines and civilian cars in the project location”, pointing out that they reported what they saw to the relevant Iraqi authorities.

Iraq has 24 joint oil wells with Iran, Kuwait and Syria including 15 used wells while the others are not exploited. The most important of these fields are Safwan, Al Rumaila, and Al Zabir with Kuwait, and Majnoon, Abou Gharb, Bazerkan, Al Feka and Naft Al Khana with Iran.

Oil experts say that the majority of the area of these fields is situated in Iraq, but Iraq has not been as strong as its neighbours in technology and financial backing, and until now didn’t sign agreements with Iran and Kuwait about the exploitation of these wells because of problems in defining the borders.

In December 18, 2009 an Iranian force annexed the Al Fekka oil field east of Al Amara town, 305 km south of Baghdad and did not pull out till the end of January. The Algeria agreement signed in 1975 between deputy President at that time Saddam Hussein and Iran Shah Mohammed Reza Bahlawi, stipulates that Iraq and Iran shall demarcate their borders. In fact, the eastern half of Shat Al Arab was given to Iran in exchange for halting the Iranian support for Kurdish parties. However, in September 17, 1980 Saddam Hussein canceled the agreement and the two countries entered in a war that lasted until 1988.

(Source: Al Sumaria TV)

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