Turkey and Iraq Sign Agreement for New Air Routes

Turkish and Iraqi civil aviation authorities have signed a cooperation agreement increasing the number of flights and launching new flight destinations between the two countries, according to Business Turkey Today.

Within the framework of the agreement, Turkish airline companies will operate flights from Istanbul, Ankara and Antalya to the Iraqi cities of Baghdad and Irbil. They will also launch flights from a Turkish destination of their choice to Iraq’s Basra, Najaf, Sulaymaniyah and Mosul provinces, said a written statement from Turkey’s civil aviation authority, the Directorate General of Civil Aviation.

Meanwhile, Iraqi airline companies will fly from an Iraqi city of their preference to Turkish provinces of Istanbul, Ankara, Antalya, Izmir and Gaziantep, and to another destination to be determined in the future.

As part of the agreement, Turkish airline companies’ weekly flights between Istanbul and Baghdad will increase to 7, Ankara and Baghdad to 3, Antalya and Baghdad to 4 (during summer period), Istanbul and Irbil to 12, Ankara and Irbil to 3, and Antalya & Irbil to 4 (during summer period).

Furthermore, 7 flights will be conducted between various other Turkish destinations and Iraq’s Basra, Najaf and Mosul cities, as well as 8 flights with Sulaymaniyah per week.

As for Iraqi air carriers, 20 flights will be operated between an Iraqi destination to be determined and Istanbul per week, while 15 flights will be conducted with capital Ankara, 15 with Antalya, 5 with Izmir and 5 with Gaziantep.

(Sources: Business Turkey Today, Turkey's Directorate General of Civil Aviation)

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