Kuwait Denies Infringement on Border Oilfields

AKnews reports that the Kuwaiti Ambassador to Iraq has dismissed accusations that his country has extracted more than its share of oil from bordering oil fields.

Ambassador Ali Mo’men counter-claimed that those behind the allegations  were attempting to stir up ill-feeling between the neighboring states.

He told AKnews that Kuwait is making every effort to normalize relations with Iraq on the basis of territorial sovereignty and urged both sides to focus on improving ties through dialogue rather than making accusations.

On Saturday, two Iraqi MPs – the National Coalition’s Mohammed Eqbal and The Kurdistan Blocs Coalition’s Sahrif Sleman – said that Kuwait, Iran and Jordan have been exploiting the political unrest in Iraq to increase their oil extraction on shared fields, thus encroaching on Iraqi reserves.

Iraq-Kuwait relations have just started to normalize after efforts to resolve Saddam-era conflicts.

Joint committees have recently been formed to address major issues currently blocking reconciliation, including the payment of reparations to Kuwait for the Gulf war, the disputed position of the border, Kuwaitis missing in Iraq since the conflict and the management of joint-owned oil fields.

The Iraqi government continues to pay 5% of its annual revenues to refund the $22 billion compensation to Kuwait for damages incurred during the 1991 Gulf War.

(Source: AKnews)


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