Power projects: Request for Expressions of Interest

Request for expressions of interest for power projects - Kurdistan Regional Government of Iraq Ministry of Electricity (“KRG -MOE”) 

Background and scope

The Kurdistan Regional Government’s Ministry of Electricity (KRG-MOE) is seeking to increase the power generation capacity and associated network capabilities in the Kurdistan Region by 6000MW, operating on natural gas, heavy fuel oil (HFO) and hydro. The KRG-MOE wishes to receive expressions of interest and outline proposals from prospective qualified investors to design, supply, construct, commission, operate and maintain new power plants at various locations within the region. Expressions of interest and proposals are also required for a 400kv network for the region as a whole or in part, and this should include the links to the existing 132kv network.

Pre-qualifications and outline proposals

  • The prospective investors are required to:i. Complete the questionnaire below.ii. Provide an outline proposal giving a technical and financial overview of the proposed investment, detailing as a minimum the plant type, capacity, fuel required implementation schedule, expected investment capital and proposed contract basis.
  • The Qualified Investors will be shortlisted and invite to submit a formal detailed proposal for consideration.
  • Investors must be able to demonstrate qualifications and considerable experience of delivering a comprehensive, cost effective, and efficient service to the KRG.
  • The KRG-MOE reserves the right to change or cancel these requirements at any time.
  • Only prospective investors that respond to this notice, and who are deemed to be qualified, may receive the invitation to submit detailed proposals or to negotiate a contract.
  • The KRG-MOE will not be liable for any costs incurred by applicants in completing this questionnaire or in providing outline or detailed follow-up proposals.
  • Expressions for interest documents in five (5) copies should be delivered to: Ministry of Electricity, 60 Meter Street, Erbil, Iraq on or before 15th September 2011 clearly marked “Expression of Interest for power generation expansion project”Guidance on the questionnaire to be completed by all applicantsa) The questionnaire must be completed in English. Any supporting document must clearly state the name of the organisation, the proposal reference details and the question number to which it relates.b) The Qualified Investor will be the organisation that will enter into a formal agreement with the KRG-MOE if awarded a contract. The following information must be provided:i. Prospective investor name, address, contact information and website details.

    ii. Core business of the organisation and corporate profile.

    iii. Financial status – previous three (3) years audited, and balance sheet.

    iv. Corporate structure , worldwide office and support facilities, including in Iraq (if any).

    v. Quality Assurance accreditation and Company Health and Safety policy.

    vi. Previous experience in power project worldwide – provide projects data sheets of previous projects detailing as a minimum the five (5) most recent power projects executed by the organisation, giving: a) project title b) project location, c) client details, d) project value, e) project duration and dates, f) detailed description of the project and the organisation’s role, and g) details of manning levels/partnerships/subcontracts.

    vii. Previous project experience in Iraq and the Kurdistan Region and any other information you feel may be of interest to KRG-MOE.

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