Iraqi Conference Promotes Iranian Investment

Iraq's National Investment Commission (NIC) presented investment opportunities in 16 key economic sectors to a formal gathering of around 170 Iranian firms and businessmen on Wednesday in Baghdad.

The sectors proposed include Iraq’s infrastructure, industry, agriculture, communications and transportation.

Sami al-Araji (pictured), head of the NIC, told reporters at a press conference in the Baghdad Sheraton following the meeting that Iraq is seeking to boost Iran’s stake in its economic development.

“Both sides are agreed,” said al-Araji, “that Iranian investment should play a significant role in the reconstruction of Iraq”.

“There are lucrative investment opportunities in the various economic sectors,” he continued, urging the Iranian delegates to seize them and forge lasting partnerships.

At the head of the Iranian Commission of Businessmen, Iran’s former ambassador to Iraq, Kazem Qomi, told the conference that his country is ready to support Iraq in the development of its industry, housing and health sectors.

“The Iranian companies have a real desire to strengthen ties with Iraq,” Qomi said, “There are currently bids underway for investment across the board”.

(Source: AKnews)

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