KRG Starts Govt IT Professional Development Programme

The Kurdistan Regional Government (KRG) Department of Information Technology, in cooperation with the US Army’s J6 Directorate based in Iraq, launched an extensive 12 week training programme in Erbil this week.

The goal of the IT Professional Development Programme is to develop local capacity and create a professional foundation for IT managers and staff within the KRG departments; this is seen as a crucial step in order to enhance the IT sector in the KRG.

Botan Osman, the Head of the KRG Department of Information Technology, said:

One of the key domains of the KRG IT Blueprint is to enhance the IT staffs’ levels within the KRG departments. The importance of this course lies in the quality and content of its programme which is based on the educational standards and principles of Cisco, Microsoft and CompTIA. Also, the trainers are certified by New Horizons based in Dubai, UAE, which is world renowned for its ability to deliver high caliber training.

This training course has been made possible due to ongoing coordination between the KRG Department of IT and the US Army’s J6 division. The course will touch upon three main technical areas: Client Administration, System Administration, and Network Administration.

The KRG Department of Information Technology - - is the lead Information Technology agency in the Kurdistan Region of Iraq. Founded in 2007, it is mandated as the highest authority on IT in the region. Its mission is to lead the development of IT and modernise the KRG through a unified IT policy. It is currently implementing a five year IT Blueprint for the region to deliver e-government and increase ICT capacity and development in the region.

(Source: KRG)

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