Details of Karbala Monorail

Iraq's National Investment Commission (NIC) has issued details of a proposed new monorail transport system for the city of Karbala.

  • Project Name: Karbala Monorail
  • General Specifications: Concrete monorail train that goes 6 meters above the medium sideway.
  • Length of the preliminary line:
  • Length of the operating lines: 15 KM
  • The second and third phases to be agreed upon later.
  • The first phase line length shall cover the visitors city / Baghdad road, Baghdad Gate street, Baghdad gate for the two holy shrines, Al- Hussain Bridge, Twereege Gate street, Hor Al- Seeb train station, the new Janoob garage, KarbalaUniversity, Al-Ibrahemia
  • Stations: between 10 and 15
  • The normal station sideway length is 70 Meter with escalators and lifts for the disabled on the two sides of the station.
  • Main stations of the start and end and other substations.
  • Maximum speed: 80-90 KM/H
  • Curves not to exceed 60 meters radius.
  • The capacity of each carriage of the train is not less than 300 passengers.
  • The successive coming of the trains to the station must take (1,5-2 M) in the two directions.
  • The train must manage dealing with the current city bridges and to develop the designs of the future bridges to suit the flow path of the train line.
  • The line can be developed later to cover other area like Al- Hur and other important areas with 15 KM length.
  • The project shall guarantee transporting visitors during the big processions with transport capacity that reaches 500,000 passenger/day in the two directions.

(Source: National Investment Commission)

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